You discover Sari working as a bookie for the horse races.

"If I win the next race, you’re going home.  Understand, Sari?"

"Not only is part-time work prohibited at our school, Sari, but you’re a

"All right, Sari, tell me what’s your pick on the next race?"

"It’s one thing to sneak in a bet at the races, but working as a bookie,

You discover Sari working at a street vendor selling fish and chips.

"Sari, you’re working here?  If you’re having some financial troubles, come in
for advice!”

"I’ll help you out, Sari.  Watch me bring in that group over there."

"Sari, you know this is against the rules, but I can overlook it for an extra

"This is not the right environme (sic) for you to grow up in, Sari."

You discover Sari smoking cigarettes.

"Cigarettes are a dirty habit.  There’s nothing cool about it, so make this
your last!”

"Well, it’s your choice, but next time don’t smoke in your school uniform!"

"Smoking cigarettes.  And in your school uniform.  Sari, are you looking for a

"If you choose to smoke, go ahead.  In the end, it will be your body that
regrets it!”

You discover Sari working at an illicit casino.

"Sari, what is going on?  A high school student should not be a dealer in an
illegal casino!”

"Sari, this is not a joke.  Take yourself home before something terrible
happens here.”

"I brought my whole teacher’s salary from this month, but is this place that

"I already lost money here.  If I turn them in, can I get it back?"

You discover Sari working at the goldfish-grabbing booth during a carnival.

"Sorry to spoil your fish fun, Sari, but work is a school violation."

"All right, Sari, let me catch all these goldfish, then you won’t have a job
left to do.”

"Sari, you’ve got some guts working at a place so easy to get caught."

"Shoot, I couldn’t even catch one fish!  How about another chance, Sari?"

You discover Sari working as a dealer at a private gambling den.

"Sari, I tried to leave this place, but the bouncer at the door won’t let me

"Don’t crap out!  Gimme a 5, or a 4…come on, Sari, help me out here."

"Do you understand what kind of work you are doing, Sari?!  This is a serious

"Look, Sari, I’m up!  A natural-born player I guess.  Whaddya think, am I

You discover Sari tearing through the city streets like a speed demon.

"If you end of (sic) killing yourself, you’re parents would be crushed—
doesn’t that bother you?!”

"So you’re willing to trade speed for time, Sari?  Doesn’t death scare you?"

"That bike looks clean, Sari.  How about taking me for a spin?"

"It seems you’ve been riding around rather fast on that thing, Sari."